I have the PANO/185 Ultra Wide camera. How do I set it up?

Pano FAQ

Does my Pano need to be plugged into power all the time?

Yes, the Pano doesn’t have any batteries in it. Therefore, it needs to have a constant power source.

Can my Pano see things in the dark?

Yes, the Pano has built in IR lights that switch from day to night mode automatically. The Pano can see up to 33ft at night.

Can I use my smart phone to view my Pano camera?

Yes, we have a Smart Phone application that helps you setup the camera to view it remotely.

Do I need an NVR to record from my Pano?

No, the Pano has a Micro SD Card slot to record directly to the SD Card inserted into the camera. The camera can detect up to 128 GB in the Micro SD Slot.

Does my Pano need to be connected physically to my router?

No, the Pano is only WiFi. You’ll only need a wireless network at the location of the Pano.

How far can I place my Pano from my WiFi router?

The WiFi distance is about 150ft, but environment could affect the range drastically.

What does 185° viewing angle mean?

The Pano’s viewing angle is quite unique. A straight line represents 180°, thus the camera can view a bit more around its sides. This allows for a better field of view with little to no blind spots.

What is the 3-day cloud storage?

If your Pano is connected to the internet, then you can setup the recordings to record to our cloud storage. You can save up to 3 days worth of footage at a time, all free with the purchase of a Pano.

Does my Pano have audio built in?

Yes, your Pano has a built-in mic allowing for two-way audio with the phone app.

Can my Pano record by motion detection?

Yes, the Pano can record normally 24/7 or by motion detection.

Can I connect my Pano to my existing LaView TVI unit?

Yes, if you already have an existing LaView TVI unit you can connect the Pano to it and have the TVI system record footage from the Pano.

Is my Pano ONVIF compatible?

No, the Pano is not Onvif compliant so it will only work stand alone or with a LaView TVI system.




I think I messed up during setup, can I reset my Pano?

Yes, all you need is a thin item to push the button. We recommend using a paper clip that has been unfolded. Push that into the “Reset” hole on the back of the Pano and you should feel a button like press, hold it down for a few seconds until you hear some beeps. Release the button and let the camera restart and it will talk you through the setup again.

I’m not too tech savy, can I still set up this camera by myself?

Yes, the Pano has step by step instructions that come with the unit. Below is a short guide to help you understand the setup process.

  1. Unpack your Pano and connect the supplied power cable to the camera and the wall.
  2. Download LaView Pano Application.


  1. Click on “Register” and register by phone number or Email.


 4. Enter your Email or Phone number and click “Obtain VN Code”. Once the code is sent, enter it and click Register.


 5. Create your password for your account. It must be at least 6 characters and contain letters and numbers.


 6. Once logged in, click on the plus sign at the top right. Then Click on “Smart Add”


 7. Then follow the instructions on the app.



  8. Now your Pano has been connected to your app. Click the Pano icon and enjoy!


 How do I view footage that’s been recorded from my Pano?

To view old footage off your Pano, you’ll need to have the LaView Pano app installed and setup. Open the app and go to Events at the bottom. Click on the search icon at the top right and it will bring up a days and time page. Choose the desired dates and times, and choose your camera from the Device List and confirm it. Once confirmed, click search and your video files should appear. If the files do not appear, simply drag down on the screen to refresh the page.

How do I set the recording schedule on my Pano?

To setup your recording schedule, you’ll need to have the LaView Pano app installed and setup. Open the app and click on the Settings Icon above the preview of the camera. Then click on configuration and go to “SD Card Storage Configuration”. In that section, you can setup motion or normal recording along with the days of the week and times.

Can I view my Pano from my computer?

Yes, to view your Pano from a PC, you’ll have to have the LaView Pano app installed and setup. Open the app and click on the Settings Icon above the preview of the camera. Then click on configuration and go to “Device Information”. In that section, you’ll see your local IP address take note of this address. You’ll enter this IP address into either Mozilla FireFox or Internet Explorer on your PC. You should be prompted to log in and use the default username of admin and password of 123456.


Can my Pano send me an Email notification when motion is detected?

Yes, once you log into your camera via PC you can access the Email settings.

Go to the Setup Tab at the top then to Network and SMTP(Email) settings.


 Your Settings should look like the above setup, if you are going to use Gmail. If you plan to use another service, you will need to look up the correct SMTP Server and Port for outgoing mail.

There are a few things you’ll need to do within the Gmail account as well:

  1. Log into Gmail-go to settings- Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP- POP Download: Enable POP for all mail( even mail that’s already been downloaded)
    2. Select Profile icon- Click on My Account-Sign-in & Security-Connected apps & Sites-Allow less secure apps: ON

Once these steps are done go into Event on the left and Video Detect. Make sure “Send Email” Is checked and click save at the bottom. Also, be sure to set the “Area” up for your motion detection and email.



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