How do I change the camera names on my system?

To change the camera names go to Menu>Camera Management>Advanced>Basic>IP Camera Name. In that section, you can edit the “Camera Name” Option, please click apply at the bottom before selecting another camera.

How Do I Set up Remote Viewing for My Surveillance System?

Assuming you have the IP address of the NVR/DVR, there is a 4-step process to set up remote viewing. Learn more about remote view camera set-up here.


Are There Any Cameras that Also Allow Me to Monitor the Audio as Well as the Video?

Yes, we have multiple solutions available to our clients. Here is our most popular audio camera.


Does the Surveillance System Come with All of the Wires, Switches, and Accessories I Need?

Yes. The kit comes with everything you need to install the system and begin recording immediately, including  any necessary wire, PoE switch, or AC 12v adapter required for the system to operate.


How far Apart Can I Set up My Wireless Cameras?

The environment, particularly barriers such as cement walls, steel structures, or large trees, play a big role in transmission distance. A wifi camera will typically transmit well for about 150 feet outdoors and 50 feet indoors.


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