I'm having issues connecting my DVR to my phone.

Possible Fixes:

1.Please go to Menu-Configuration-Network and under the General tab make sure enable DHCP is selected, if it is not enabled then select enable and apply. If you had to enable it, restart the NVR and try the P2P setup again.

2.If you are still having issues, make sure DDNS is NOT enabled(unchecked). If DDNS is checked, uncheck it and apply then go back to Platform Access and disable P2P and apply. Once both are disabled, do a power cycle and reboot the unit. After the unit restarts enable P2P again, and do another power cycle.

3.Go to Extranet Access, Platform Access or DDNS and make sure LaView P2P is selected then apply, also make sure “Enable Stream Encryption” is disabled.

4. If none of these work, then it could be a network issue. Try to restart your modem/router by unplugging it for about 45 seconds. Plug it back in and restart the NVR, then try to reconnect your system to the P2P account.

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