I have port forwarding setup, but my external IP address keeps changing. Can I fix this?

Yes, you can either contact your ISP and ask them for a static IP address or setup a DDNS. LaView does offer a free DDNS service that you can setup with these instructions:

To set up a DDNS please go to www.laviewddns.com and register.

After registering and creating your domain name we need to enable the DDNS feature.

Please go to Main Menu>App Center>DDNS.

Enable DDNS: √ (Checked)

DDNS Type: Laview

Domain Name: “yourdomainname”.laviewddns.com (“yourdomainname” is the name you created don’t use that or the “ “)

User Name: your email account used for www.laviewddns.com

Password: password used for www.laviewddns.com

Server IP: Laviewddns.com

Port: 8000

Please note, in order for the DDNS to work, port forwarding must be setup. You can now use your Domain name to access your system instead of IP.

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