How Do I find my system’s IP address?

To find your system’s IP address go to Main Menu>Configuration>Network. The IP Address at the top is your local IP. If your IP address is or, this means your system is offline. There are a few causes from this, but usually it’s a bad ethernet cable or the cable is not plugged in properly to either the NVR or Router. If those are checked to be correct, try restarting your router by unplugging it for a minute and restarting the DVR.


Do I Need Internet to Activate My Wireless Security Camera System?

Not exactly. You can set up your wireless security camera system without any internet at all, as this is not a requirement to begin recording. In order to access remote viewing on your mobile devices, you will need a live internet connection.


Does the Surveillance System Come with All of the Wires, Switches, and Accessories I Need?

Yes. The kit comes with everything you need to install the system and begin recording immediately, including  any necessary wire, PoE switch, or AC 12v adapter required for the system to operate.


Are There Any Cameras that Also Allow Me to Monitor the Audio as Well as the Video?

Yes, we have multiple solutions available to our clients. Here is our most popular audio camera.


What are the Advantages of Installing a Wifi Security Camera System?

A wifi security camera system is significantly easier to install than a traditional system, because there is no need to run special wires to each wifi camera. This not only helps the day of installation, but also allows clients to position cameras in places they might not otherwise be able to place them.

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