How do I set up my recording schedule?

To set the recording schedule you’ll need to go to Main Menu>Record>Schedule. In that section, you’ll have access to each channel’s recording schedule. The camera’s will automatically start and stop, recording, at desired times. If you want to set up only motion recording to each camera, select the color for “Motion” on the right-hand side and drag over the existing schedule. Be sure to click apply before switching to another camera’s schedule.


How Much is Shipping?

We offer free standard shipping on any HD IP surveillance camera. We deliver anywhere in the contiguous United States, and most orders take 2-5 business days to arrive via FedEx Ground.


How Can I Download Videos from My Security System?

There are multiple ways to extract recorded footage from your ip security system.

  • You can insert a USB drive into the security system and export specific video files.
  • You can use a computer to access the system and directly download files onto your hard drive.
  • You can use the mobile app to download files directly to your mobile device.

You can learn more about all of these options here.


I Have an 8 Channel NVR. How Can I Add More than 8 Cameras to the Network?

In short, you cannot. The number of cameras cannot exceed the number of channels. If in doubt, we encourage patrons to choose a 16-channel security system over an 8- channel security system.


What are the Advantages of Installing a Wifi Security Camera System?

A wifi security camera system is significantly easier to install than a traditional system, because there is no need to run special wires to each wifi camera. This not only helps the day of installation but also allows clients to position cameras in places they might not otherwise be able to place them.

Are Your Surveillance Camera Systems Hard to Set Up?

No. We have a full library of helpful videos and/or step-by-step directions for the components you purchase. Find the best surveillance camera system here, and your DIY experience will be smoother and easier than you can imagine.


Does the Surveillance System Come with All of the Wires, Switches, and Accessories I Need?

Yes. The kit comes with everything you need to install the system and begin recording immediately, including any necessary wire, PoE switch, or AC 12v adapter required for the system to operate.


I Would Like a Doorbell Camera, but I Hear the Image Quality is Terrible. Are There Any Good Options?

Absolutely. The days of poor-quality doorbell cameras is over. We offer a top quality 1080P wifi doorbell camera with smart motion detection and IR night vision. Let us redefine for you what a wifi doorbell camera can be.

What is a Varifocal Camera? Can It Be Used with High-Resolution or NVR Systems?

A varifocal camera allows you to control the focus and/or zoom of your surveillance camera. We have both manual varifocal cameras, which are manually focused and work best when focusing on gates or driveways from a distance, and motorized varifocal cameras which are ideal for busy entrances of areas where you might want to zoom in. Both are compatible with any of our HD security camera systems.


How do I Set Up a Wireless NVR?

Click here for clear, 9-step instructions on how to set up a wireless NVR. Note that the system must be powered on to set up.


Are There Any Front Door Security Cameras with Truly Good Imaging?

Yes. We have a front door security camera with customizable motion detection, full HD resolution, two-way audio, and IR night vision.


How Can I Schedule Recordings?

You can fully customize your security camera system to perpetually record, only when motion-activated, or on a set schedule. You can even mix and match settings. For instance, you could set one camera on a high traffic entryway to record 24/7, but low traffic areas such as a stock room to only record when motion is triggered to maximize your storage efficiency.

Are There Any Front Door Security Cameras with Truly Good Imaging?

Yes. We have a front door security camera with customizable motion detection, full HD resolution, two-way audio, and IR night vision.


Do You Charge a Monthly Fee?

No. At LaView we think you should be the master of your own security – no strings or hidden fees attached. We have found that people who buy systems with monthly fees all too often grow tired of making payments, and simply allow their security to lapse over time. Simply set up your wifi security camera system, and enjoy the enhanced security, without having to pay additional fees.


Do the Cameras Have a Feature That Allows Me to Live View on My Phone and Record at the Same Time?

Yes. Each wifi camera is equipped for simultaneous live viewing and recording. Simply download the app to your mobile device to live view in real time. At the same time, recorded video is stored on the HDD of the surveillance system. You can download the recording to your mobile device as well. You can not record video you are live viewing on your mobile device in real time.

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