How do I format my HDD?

To format your HDD you’ll need to go to the Main Menu>HDD>General. Once in the HDD menu, check mark the box to the left-hand side of the HDD information. Then click on “Format” or “Int” at the bottom. Please note this will delete all information off the HDD.


How Can I Find the Best Deals on a New Security Camera System?

Unfortunately, the answer does involve a little comparison shopping. There are a few key points you should consider:

  • Don’t bother with your local provider; the best deals can almost always be found online.
  • Get a DIY security camera system. Modern systems are easy to set up and you can save a bundle by not paying an installer. Our helpful online guide makes set-up easy.
  • Look for a supplier with a wide variety of cameras. Some areas you are covering may require night vision or high-resolution cameras. You may want a wifi doorbell camera. Some applications call for discrete dome cameras, while others call for the deterrence factor of a bullet camera. Here at LaView, we offer a full assortment of products, from bullet cameras to IP dome cameras, from full-color night vision security cameras to HD IP surveillance cameras. The best deal will always include the right cameras that you know are compatible with the rest of your surveillance system.
  • Make sure the products all come with a warranty. Cheap products cost more in the long run when replacement costs are figured in. LaView stand behind our high-quality product line.

Click her to find the right security camera system for you.


Do the Cameras Have a Feature That Allows Me to Live View on My Phone and Record at the Same Time?

Yes. Each wifi camera is equipped for simultaneous live viewing and recording. Simply download the app to your mobile device to live view in real time. At the same time, recorded video is stored on the HDD of the surveillance system. You can download the recording to your mobile device as well. You can not record video you are live viewing on your mobile device in real time.

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