LV-N9916C6E Only: I am getting error code 102030 when trying to add my NVR to my P2P account.

You’ll need to upgrade the systems firmware to fix the P2P issue. Please follow the instructions below to do this.

Please download and upgrade to this firmware here:

Once you have that file, put it on a flash drive and connect the flash drive to the NVR. Go to Main Menu>Maintenance>Upgrade and click on the Digicap file, then upgrade at the bottom. Once this is complete the system will reboot, and you should have the newest firmware.

Once the system has the newest firmware, try adding it to the P2P account again and you shouldn’t get any more errors.

Below are some instructions on how to upgrade the firmware with a flash drive:

Please use the information below to upgrade the NVR firmware using a USB flash drive.

  1. Unzip the file by extracting the contents(If file is .rar or .zip). It should be a digicap file, place the file on a USB flash drive.

  1. Enter the upgrade interface of the NVR. Select update file from USB device.


  1. Select Upgrade and the system will reboot when the upgrade is complete.

Below are instructions to upgrade the firmware through the web interface:

Please follow these steps to upgrade your firmware version for your NVR. This process will be done using the web interface. To access that, enter the local IP address into Internet Explorer. Be sure to download and install the plug in when you first visit the web interface.

To obtain the local Ip Address for the NVR follow these quick instructions:

These steps will be performed from the NVR system directly.

Open the main menu and go to Maintenance>System Info>Network. In there you will have a section called IPv4 Address. This is your local IP address, and the one you will be using to access the web interface.

Once you enter the Local IP address onto Internet Explorer, you will be promoted to log into your system. Use the log in credentials that you would from the system itself.

Once you are logged in we will go to Configuration at the top of the screen.

Then we will click on Maintenance on the left-hand side under System Settings

Once you are at Maintenance, at the bottom will be the option to upgrade the firmware. Select Browse and choose the firmware file you have downloaded. Make sure to unzip the file before selecting it.

Once the file is selected, click on upgrade. This process may take a few minutes and the system will restart after the upgrade is done. Make sure the system does not lose power during the upgrading process.

Once the system reboots the firmware is now upgraded. You may need to refresh the page, to get back into the system. The page should auto refresh once the system has rebooted.

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