How do I format my HDD?

To format your HDD you’ll need to go to the Main Menu>HDD>General. Once in the HDD menu, check mark the box to the left-hand side of the HDD information. Then click on “Format” or “Int” at the bottom. Please note this will delete all information off the HDD.


How Many Channels Do I Need?

The number of channels you need on your NVR depends on the number of cameras you want now, AND whether or not you plan on expanding in the future. Suppose you buy eight cameras and are confident you will never need to add more to the surveillance system. Obviously, you should go with an 8-channel NVR system. If you think you need eight channels at the moment, but could see yourself possibly expanding your recording area within the next couple years, consider buying a 16-channel NVR system. It is easy to add cameras to a higher channel system, but replacing the system itself is a needless expense and hassle. Thinking ahead with surveillance is important, because you cannot add extra channels to an NVR that is designed to accommodate a certain number.


Do the Cameras Have a Feature That Allows Me to Live View on My Phone and Record at the Same Time?

Yes. Each wifi camera is equipped for simultaneous live viewing and recording. Simply download the app to your mobile device to live view in real time. At the same time, recorded video is stored on the HDD of the surveillance system. You can download the recording to your mobile device as well. You can not record video you are live viewing on your mobile device in real time.


How do I Set Up a Wireless NVR?

Click here for clear, 9-step instructions on how to set up a wireless NVR. Note that the system must be powered on to set up.


Are Your Surveillance Camera Systems Hard to Set Up?

No. We have a full library of helpful videos and/or step-by-step directions for the components you purchase. Find the best surveillance camera system here, and your DIY experience will be smoother and easier than you can imagine.


Do I Need Internet to Activate My Wireless Security Camera System?

Not exactly. You can set up your wireless security camera system without any internet at all, as this is not a requirement to begin recording. In order to access remote viewing on your mobile devices, you will need a live internet connection.


Which is Better, a Bullet Camera, or a Dome Camera?

These actually serve different purposes, as the dome camera is intended to provide discrete monitoring that may well go unnoticed, while the bullet camera is intended to be conspicuous, and serve as something of a deterrent to criminals. Learn all about dome vs. bullet cameras here.


Do You Charge a Monthly Fee?

No. At LaView we think you should be the master of your own security – no strings or hidden fees attached. We have found that people who buy systems with monthly fees all too often grow tired of making payments, and simply allow their security to lapse over time. Simply set up your wifi security camera system, and enjoy the enhanced security, without having to pay additional fees.


How Do I Set up Remote Viewing for My Surveillance System?

Assuming you have the IP address of the NVR/DVR, there is a 4-step process to set up remote viewing. Learn more about remote view camera set-up here.


How do I Set Up a Wireless NVR?

Click here for clear, 9-step instructions on how to set up a wireless NVR. Note that the system must be powered on to set up.

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