How do I set up Email Notifications on my NVR?

These are the instructions for a Gmail account, to find the instructions for another service try searching for the SMTP settings for that email service. The set up should be very similar.

The only thing you need to do to finish up the email notification for a Gmail account would be:
1.            Log into Gmail-go to settings- Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP- POP Download: Enable POP for all mail(even mail that’s already been downloaded)
2.            Select Profile icon- Click on My Account-Sign-in & Security-Connected apps & sites-Allow less secure apps: ON
After doing these two things if everything is set up correctly it should work.
Once you have that set up and working correctly you can add another receiver like Yahoo if you would like.

Does the Surveillance System Come with All of the Wires, Switches, and Accessories I Need?

Yes. The kit comes with everything you need to install the system and begin recording immediately, including  any necessary wire, PoE switch, or AC 12v adapter required for the system to operate.


Do You Charge a Monthly Fee?

No. At LaView we think you should be the master of your own security – no strings or hidden fees attached. We have found that people who buy systems with monthly fees all too often grow tired of making payments, and simply allow their security to lapse over time. Simply set up your wifi security camera system, and enjoy the enhanced security, without having to pay additional fees.


I Would Like a Doorbell Camera, but I Hear the Image Quality is Terrible. Are There Any Good Options?

Absolutely. The days of poor-quality doorbell cameras is over. We offer a top quality 1080P wifi doorbell camera with smart motion detection and IR night vision. Let us redefine for you what a wifi doorbell camera can be.


What All Can a Wifi Doorbell Camera Do?

LaView’s wifi doorbell camera provides 180 degree field of vision, IR night vision, and crisp 1080P HD imaging. Our wifi doorbell cameras have smart motion detection, are NVR compatible (for recording and storing images), and can be remote accessed from any mobile device.

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