How do I change the camera names on my system?

FAQs About Poe Camera Security System Name Changing

To change the camera names go to Main Menu>Camera>OSD. In that section, you can edit the “Camera Name” Option, please click apply at the bottom before selecting another camera at the top.


What does “PoE” stand for?

“PoE” stands for “Power over Ethernet,” in reference to the cables that run from the NVR to individual cameras. You can learn all about the top PoE security camera system here.


Are Your Surveillance Camera Systems Hard to Set Up?

No. We have a full library of helpful videos and/or step-by-step directions for the components you purchase. Find the best surveillance camera system here, and your DIY experience will be smoother and easier than you can imagine.


How Do I Set up Remote Viewing for My Surveillance System?

Assuming you have the IP address of the NVR/DVR, there is a 4-step process to set up remote viewing. Learn more about remote view camera set-up here.

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