One of my cameras was showing up and it went out suddenly

Troubleshooting: This can be caused by several things. First you can try changing the max bitrate down on each camera, if the cameras are trying to use too much bandwidth then it can knock cameras offline. Go to Main Menu>Record>Parameters. In that section change the “Max Bitrate(KBPS)” down to 2048 on Mainstream Event and Mainstream Continuous. Once that is done, click apply at the bottom and proceed to change that setting for the rest of the cameras. If you try to change that setting for a camera that is not there or showing up, it will give you an error, this is completely fine. Once the setting is completed on every camera, go to Main Menu>Shutdown>Reboot. If the camera comes up after the reboot, then the camera is not bad.

If that does not work, then it may be either a bad camera or cable. We recommend using that camera on a known working port. Then try testing a known working cable. If none of these options do not work, then you can request a replacement unit at if you are within the warranty period. Please be sure to choose “RMA Request” under the “Support Type” on the contact page.

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