Can I use port forwarding to setup remote viewing for my Camera?

Yes, you can setup your camera via port forwarding. Although, this setup is recommended for more advanced users. You will need to note the IP Address of the NVR/DVR. To obtain this you’ll need to download and run our SADP program, you can download it here(Make sure to disable any anti-virus or malware  protection software before SADP installation): Use the IPv4 Address to log into your camera via web browser on a PC. Once you can log into your camera we know the IP address is working properly. Then you’ll need to log into your router via web browser on a PC. Once logged in, you’ll need to add ports 80, 8000, and 554 to the port forwarding rules. For help with port forwarding for your router, contact the manufacturer or your ISP. There are also guides for a lot of various models of routers here

The port forwarding setup should look something like this:

Application   Start     End         Protocol   IP Address

DVR1                 80           80         TCP            192.168.x.x.

DVR2               8000      8000       TCP            192.168.x.x.

DVR3               554      554       TCP            192.168.x.x.

To make sure test the ports on, and if they are open you can add the information to your phone app.

LaView Net App Setup:

  1. Tap the Menu icon on the top right then Devices and press the (+) on the top right, choose “Manual Adding”.
  2. Now enter the following for remote view:
    1. Alias: Remote View
    2. Register Mode: IP/Domain
    3. Address: IP address shown under “Your IP” at (Make sure you are at DVR location for this step)
    4. Port: 8000
    5. User Name: admin
    6. Password: DVR password
    7. Camera No.: updates after “Save” on step 3.
  3. Save on the top right.
  4. Start Live View.

*Make sure Wi-Fi is off on the phone when attempting the remote view.

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