I don’t have an NVR; how do I view my camera?

You can use our P2P service to view your camera. Make sure the camera has power and is connected to your router via Wi-Fi or ethernet cable. Then follow these steps:

Download LaView NET app:

  1. Open the LaView NET app. In the menu tap LaView P2P.

  1. In LaView P2P click Register.

  1. Enter email address and verification picture. Tap get verification code. Email with verification code will be sent to registered email. Create username and password after entering code.

  1. Login using email/username and password. Enable “Auto-login”.

  1. Tap the (+) icon to add a device to the account.

  1. Scan the QR code on the camera.

  1. Tap the (+) symbol to add your camera.

  1. Enter the verification code located on the side or back of the camera.

  1. Tap on the newly added device.

  1. Press “Start Live View” and be sure to enjoy your camera.

*If using 4G/LTE with bad signal, you may not obtain a picture. Attempt using a strong signal.

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