Connecting to your LaView NVR

  1. Connect your camera to your home Wi-Fi network with the instructions in the User Manual.
  2. Once the camera is on the network, open your LaView One App. Tap the “More” option at the bottom right, then “Function Settings” and “LAN live view.” Once you are on the “LAN live view” tap “Start Scanning” and the phone will list all the LaView devices on your network. Find your camera’s model number and write down the IP address given below it.
  3. We will now go to your LaView NVR’s menu. Go to Main Menu>Camera>Camera. Tap the green “+” icon on an empty channel and enter in the IP address for your camera. In the password section, enter the “Verification Code” that is on the label of your camera. Tap “Ok” and give the LaView NVR 30 seconds to connect to your camera.
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