Setting Up Alexa

How to setup Alexa with your One Dot or One PT

  1. Before we can setup your camera with Alexa we must log into your LaView One account. Click on the “Name” portion of the camera to bring up its “settings”. You’re going to want to turn off “Image Encryption”, access the email account that you used to setup the account with. Collect and enter the verification code in LaView One, to turn off “Image Encryption”
  2. Once we turn off “Image Encryption” we will want to re-name the camera to something more suitable for its location. For example, we can change the camera name to “Kitchen Camera”. On the settings page, go to the top and click on the camera name to edit the camera name. Once you are done renaming the camera, click the check mark on the top right.
  3. Once those tasks are both completed we can now setup Alexa. Download and log into your Alexa app using your amazon account. Once you are logged in, click on the menu icon at the top left. Then click on “skills”, once in the Skills menu search for “LaView One”. Tap on LaView One and click on “Enable                                                      
  4. After enabling the LaView One skill, the app will take you to a page to log into your LaView One account. Use the same credentials that you use to setup your camera. Click on “Sign In”, then click on “Authorize”                                                           
  5. Once the accounts have been linked, close the “Link Successful” page. The Alexa app will then notify you that all device must be discovered before they can be used with Alexa. Click on the “Discover Devices”. Once the app finishes discovering your devices, tap on the menu Icon, then click on “Smart Home”. Your LaView camera should be listed under the “Device” tab.                                                                                               
  6. You can now use Alexa to view your LaView Dot or PT on compatible Alexa products (Amazon Show, Firestick, and Fire Tablet). To view your camera, you can say “Alexa, show me the Kitchen camera” near any compatible Alexa device.
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