How do I connect ONE Halo doorbell camera to a NVR/DVR?

  1. Ensure the ONE Halo is connected to your WiFi network. (If not, follow this instruction)
  2. Ensure the NVR/ DVR and the doorbell camera are on the same Local Area Network
  3. Download and install the SADP IP Portal program. Download here.
  4. Locate the IPv4 Address of the doorbell camera in SADP program

5. Log into the NVR and go to Main menu> Camera> Camera. Click on Edit button of a vacant channel.

6. Change ‘Adding method’ from ‘Plug&Play’ to ‘Manual’

7. Enter the IP Camera Address located in Step 4

8. Choose ‘Protocol’ to ‘LaView’

9. Enter the Password to your doorbell camera. The default password is the verification code located on the label of the back panel of the camera.

10. Click ‘OK’ to save. The camera should show up in the NVR/DVR after a couple seconds.


  1. Ensure the camera is online. Use your mobile App to confirm if you can get the camera feed.
  2. Ensure the NVR and Doorbell camera is connected to the same router/network. Meaning they should have same IP gateway and IP address range. (In the first diagram above, LV-N9616D6E NVR – IP has the same IP range as the LV-PDB1630-U Doorbell camera Use the SADP tool to check and configure the IP addresses of both devices.
  3. Check the recorder specification to ensure the NVR/DVR support 3MP IP camera.
  4. Ensure NVR and Camera are on the latest firmware.
  5. Reset Doorbell camera by pressing and hold the reset button. Connect to the network again.

How do I see ONE Halo on PC/Mac

  1. Ensure the camera is set up by LaView ONE App and registered to a LaView P2P account
  2. Download and install LaView Net Guarding Expert Program for Windows / Mac
  3. Go to Control Panel> Device Management

4. Click on ‘Add New Device Type’

5. Check ‘Laview P2P Device’ and click OK

6. Click on ‘LaView P2P Device’ under Device Type list

7. Login to your LaView P2P account created in the LaView ONE App. (LaView P2P Account must be created using either LaView NET, LaView ONE or LaView Connect)

8. If this is the first time adding the camera to the Client software, enter the Device password in the Modify Netinfo menu.

9. Go the ‘Main View’ window, double-click the doorbell camera under your account to stream the camera.

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