How to fix it when the ONE Halo doorbell camera flashes in RED

When the LED light on the ONE Halo doorbell camera is flashing constantly in RED, it means that the device is experiencing technical exception. Below are some steps to troubleshoot.


  1. If you cannot live view the camera from the mobile App, check the internet connection of your network. Reset the camera and your router if necessary.
  2. If you can see live view but can not access any footage, it could be the microSD card is not set up correctly. Try Re-formatting the microSD card in the LaView ONE App
  3. If both live view and playback footage work fine, try restarting the doorbell camera (turn off the breaker). Restart the Wi-Fi router at the same time to reset the communication.
  4. If none of the above help, reset the doorbell camera (by pressing the RESET button for 10 seconds) and re-do the configuration process.
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