How to connect a LaView Saturn Series IP Camera to a Non-Saturn Series NVR

  1. Connect the LaView Saturn IP Camera to a PoE switch or a Router (12V DC power supply is needed to connect to non-PoE switch or a router)
  2. Install the IP Search Tool on your PC (
  3. Activate the IP camera in the IP Search Tool
  4. Modify the IP address by clicking on ‘Modify IP’


5a. If you are connecting the camera to the NVR PoE port, set up the Target IP to (xxx being a random number from 2-254), and Gateway to, Subnet Mask Then unplug the camera from the PoE switch or Router and connect it to the NVR using Cat5e cable.

5b. If you are connecting the camera via LAN, use DHCP or set up the IP address to your network range. For example: Target IP, Subnet, Gateway

6. Go the NVR Menu => Camera => Camera.

7. Click on the channel which the camera is connected to (ie if the camera is connected to port 3 on the back of the NVR, click on channel 3). If you are connecting the camera via LAN, Click on any unused channel.


8. Change ‘Plug and Play’ to ‘Manual’ and enter the camera IP address ( or as in previous example)

9. Change protocol to ONVIF and Management port is 80

10. Enter user name and password you set up when you activated the camera in step 3.

  1. Apply the setting and wait for the camera to be connected.
  2. Adjust video setting such as resolution and frame rate in Parameter menu.



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