What should I do if I connect a LaView Saturn Camera to LV-N96, LV-N95, LV-N98 series NVR but only get 720P maximum resolution in main stream?

If you only get 720p in mainstream, it means the IP camera is set to H.265. Please use the following instruction to switch the camera to H.264 compression.

  1. Connect the LaView Saturn Camera to a PoE switch or a Router (12V DC power supply is needed to connect to non-PoE switch or a router)
  2. Install the VMS Client software on your PC (https://dahuawiki.com/images/Software/SmartPSS/General_SMARTPSS-FLIR_Win32_ChnEng_IS_V2.002.0000007.0.T.190122.zip)
  3. Add the camera in the VMS Client Software
  4. Go to Remote Configuration Menu
  5. Go to Camera > Encode
  6. Change the Encode Type to H.264H for both mainstream and substream
  7. Save the setting


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