How to connect WiFi IP camera via web browser

Simple steps to connect the camera to the WiFi network via PC or Mac:

  1. Connect the camera to power using a 12V DC power adapter and wait approx. 30 seconds for the camera to initialize.


  1. Connect the camera to WiFi router using Ethernet Cable


  1. Download and install IP Search Tool (SADP) for PC/Mac from

  1. Open Ip Search Tool (SADP) and 'click' the refresh button. Connect camera should appear in the device list.


  1. Copy camera IP address and paste into the web browser (use IE or Safari)


  1. Designate password and log in with your credentials


  1. Download and install the browser plugin. Click 'play' to see the camera's live view.


  1. In the browser, navigate to:


Configuration > Network > Advanced Settings > Network > WiFi

Select your WiFi SSID and type in WiFi password

Click 'save' to connect camera wirelessly to WiFi router

Unplug power adapter and Ethernet cable and move camera to desired location

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