How to connect LaView IP Camera to Blue Iris (VMS)

1) Download and launch Blue Iris on your PC or Mac.

2) Click “+” button at the top right of the Blue Iris software, or right click and select Add new camera to add LaView camera to Blue Iris.


3) Input the camera name and choose Network IP as the connection type. Check Enable audio and Enable motion detector in the Options menu. Click OK to continue.


4) Enter the correct IP address,  User Name and Password. Click ‘Find/inspect…’ button to search the camera in LAN.

5) Enter the camera parameters as follows:

Select the make as LaView. (If connection fails, please use Generic/ONVIF)

  • Change the Media/Video/RTSP port into 554.
  • Change the Discovery/ONVIF port into 8000.
  • Click OK to finish adding the camera to Blue Iris.



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