The system worked seamlessly until last week when it suddenly shut off and now won't come back on


Would suggestion you follow the instruction below for troubleshooting,

  1. Please ensure the cameras are connected, would suggest you to connect them directly to the PoE ports at the back of the system.
  2. At the day time, try to cover the camera lens with your hands to see if there is a IR red light on the problematic cameras. And please also check if the camera goes hot when it is connected.
  3. The camera appears not to get powe if there is no light and heat. We will need to check if it is the camera/port/cable issue.
    1. At first, please switch the problematic camera to the workable PoE ports to test. You can also go to your PoE Configuration setting to check the power.
    2. If it still doesn't work with another port, please exchange the cable to check again. If possible, you can also add the camera to another system to confirm the problem.image1.png

Please contact our support team for further support if it does not help.


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