Set up PC viewing by IP address

Please download the PC software NVMS V3 or NVMS 7000 on your laptop to set up PC viewing. Kindly find the tools at this link:



Here are more instructions about the NVMS V3.


In the example, NVMS V3 will automatically detect the online device so we are adding the device with its IP address. In this way, the system and the computer will be requested to connect to the same local network so that the software can auto-detect the online system.


1. Please go to 'Device Management.




2. Please go to 'Online device' and your system will be found automatically.




3. Please choose your system from the online device and click on 'Add'.




​4. Please enter the admin name and the admin password of your system in the box popping out.




5. Your system should be added and please go to 'Main View' on the home page.




Please feel free to contact our support team if you need further help.

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