Setup Email Notification

Please refer to the instructions to set up the email notifications. Here I will take the Outlook account as an example. (Sorry that Gmail is not supported anymore, please use other email addresses to set it up.)


First, please go to the Outlook mailbox settings and enable POP option.


Secondly, please go to your camera management settings -> tap into 'Settings' -> find 'Linakge Action' to enable 'Send Email' for each of your camera.



Thirdly, please go to your system menu -> find 'Configuration' -> find 'Network' -> click the 'Email' option and enter the email information:


  1. SMTP Server:

  2. SMTP Port: 587

  3. User name: your Outlook account

  4. Password: your Outlook account password

  5. Sender's address & Receiver's address: your Outlook account


After filling out the email information on this page, please tap the 'Test' icon to test if the system can send an email to your email. If it is set successfully, the system will show 'Email test succeeded' message as the following picture shown. 


If you fail to set it up, the system will say 'Failed to send test email'.


If you do meet this situation, please take a screenshot of your email settings and send it to LaView Support Team, so that we can further check your specific problem.


You can also refer to the video for a better understanding. (Set up email notification: plz skip to 5:45)

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