Push Notification

If you would like to receive push notifications on your phone, please


  1. make sure your system is added via P2P connection (QR code) or DDNS (port forwarding).


  1. make sure you have correctly set up the motion detection settings on your system. You can refer to this video to double-check your motion detection section: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGeCbTmPY2U&t=188s (Motion detection: 5:22)


  1. check "Notify Surveillance Center" box on your camera settings. Please remember to enable it for each of your camera and tap the "Apply" icon to save the changes.



  1.  enable "Alarm notification" setting on the LaView Connect/LaView Net app settings


5.  allow the app to send you notifications on your phone settings


Hope it works for you.

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