No video on monitor

Will need to confirm the resolution of the camera first. Kindly note that the resolution of the monitor should be higher than the camera's. Otherwise, the monitor will go black. Please get in touch with our LaView Support Team and provide the model number of your camera as well as your system if you do not know the system resolution.


If the monitor and system work fine before but quit working suddenly, please change the HDMI/VGA cable to check this issue.


If you have another monitor, please also exchange it to see if it can work. If necessary, you can also try to access your system on your computer to double-check.


As for PC viewing, please download the PC software NVMS V3 or NVMS 7000 to your computer/laptop to get access. (Kindly find them from this link: NVMS V3 tool is the latest version. NVMS 7000 can support the Mac system. 



Please contact our support team if the troubleshooting does not work.

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