How to add Wi-Fi Cam (One PT ) to your NVR

1. Make sure One PT camera and the NVR are well connected to the same LAN. 

2. Enter the camera management menu of NVR, select an unoccupied channel, and click the "Edit" icon to add the camera manually.


3. Make sure the adding method is manual, select the ONVIF protocol, enter the correct IPv4 Address and password of the camera. 

 (Please click the link below, download the IP Portal software to your PC/laptop. Then open it to locate the IP Address and the management port of your camera.)

(Kindly note that the One PT Cam password is the same as the verification code shown on the silver sticker at the bottom of the camera.)




4. Click 'Ok' to save the settings and then you will be able to view the One PT camera on

your NVR.

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